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Ben & Louise


Gretchen Radler – CEO

Our Story

When my husband David’s parents moved to Omaha, we were naive as to what would follow. We wouldn’t just be charged with making sure Ben and Louise were physically safe. We would notice a decline in their spirit, the result of a measurable loss of autonomy.

Through our experience, we realized that our parents may not be comfortable being on the receiving end of “I need help.” Learning what they deem to be fundamental—feeling connected and contributive—became our priority. We also realized navigating the way isn’t always easy. In David’s family, there are four available siblings who provide help in different areas. Each of them has a vital role assisting with Ben and Louise’s care, but without a centralized communication system, the information was hard to track. Each sibling often spent an hour or two a day sharing information with other siblings to stay connected. We needed a convenient platform for communication.

So we formed Bloom

Bloom provides companion care to help connect aging parents and loved ones to the outside world as their abilities shift. We want to help them prioritize what they need, help them be independent in spirit even if it isn’t always possible in body. At Bloom, we understand that when you need to seek assistance, you want someone who understands and appreciates your parents. Our interview process helps us to better understand your parent’s contributions, curiosities and legacy. We then match CNAs and Companions who have the most potential to appreciate and contribute to your parents’ well-being to help them stay connected to the outside world.

Exercise, new activities, eating well and socializing are essential to keeping the brain and the body healthy. We present new activities via a broad community calendar to help your parents stay connected. Our Louise loves to socialize—jokes are her usual form of entry. Getting her out often, so she isn’t telling the same jokes to the same people, is important. This is just one small thing that adds to her overall happiness.

Concierge companion care

Bloom Companion Care offers concierge companion care of all levels. Whether your loved ones are dependent, on bed rest, recuperating from surgery or simply need an extra hand, we specialize in concierge companion care that is unique to you, your needs and your schedule.

What about services outside companion care?

We have a list of preferred service providers within our community that are sensitive to elder concerns and needs. We want to aid you in any way we can to take the pressure off of you being the caregiver and instead returning to the loving advocate role that feels more appropriate for both yourself and your parent or loved one.